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Hands up if you've spent any of your summer fixing a family member's computer?

Parental tech support is the curse of the tech enthusiast, but there are some clever ways to help your family without rolling up the sleeves at every family gathering.

One website that offers some clever virtual help is Teach Parents Tech. Here you can fill out a tech support care package, a simple form that lets you tick boxes for the kind of help the intended recipient might find useful. Once you've made your selections you can preview the relevant video tutorials that will be forwarded to the family member in question.

The videos are very nicely presented and will genuinely help someone with anything from web browser basics to editing photos using only the software that will be found on their computer by default. There is something of a Mac bias, but there are options that would suit people across both Mac and Windows.

If this fails, you could always buy them a gift card to a house call tech support service.

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teamjet posted a comment   

A clever way to push and advertise Google products. I like it!

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