Sennheiser CX 300-II Precision

The Sennheiser CX 300-II Precisions are incredibly affordable and great sounding, making them one of the best sets of in-ears available.

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If you're a frequent traveller or you find over-ear headphones uncomfortable, then in-ear headphones offer great sound for a relatively small price. Sennheiser has always been the "go-to" brand for portable headphones, and its original CX-300 was one of the most popular in-ear models on the market.

Sennheiser has upgraded the headphones with the promise of "greater clarity and improved dynamics" and features high-quality dynamic speaker systems. None of the fancy "custom-tuned armature drivers" of more expensive sets but based on our listening tests, they are indeed "high quality". Build quality is quite good for the asking price; but while you only get plastic housings, you need to pay a lot more to get better construction than this. The cable has a tendency to tangle, as well.

The headphones offer an asymmetrical cable, which means that the right ear bud dangles off the right, and while this is meant to increase listener comfort it also means that the left ear bud is more likely to fail with repeated strain. Pull on the cord and it tugs directly on your left ear.

The Sennheisers come with three sets of plugs so should fit most people's ears — unfortunately, there's no foam ear buds included. These would offer a greater degree of isolation from the environment, but for that you'll need to invest in something like the Monster Jamz or even the big daddy Ultimate Ears 700.

Sound quality is excellent for the price, and while Sennheiser says the headphones offer powerful, bass-driven stereo sound it's not as overwhelmingly bassy as that might sound. While a bit more money spent on the Monster headphones will give you tighter bass response and more kick they're a little more fizzy in the upper register.

Given the weighty sound of the CX300's they're well suited to rock and dance, but they impart a warmth that is also good with jazz. But that's not to say they're not detailed as they unearth parts of the music some other headphones can obscure. But most important of all, they make music fun.

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"Best headphone with decent bass and clear vocals under $100"

jared54 posted a review   

You just cant beat sennheiser for sound quality at this price!

Awesome bass, clear vocals. How it should be! These are great for running as they fit so well and comfortably.

Tips are awesome and fit snugly in ear.

Make sure they are genuine, i almost brought from ebay but noticed alot on there are fakes. Those are (mainly) cheap mass produced headphones with design and branding like sennheiser - not always easy to spot. I got a great deal locally at $45. RRP of $75-100.

Side note: i recenty brought and tried some pioneer headphones (Pioneer SE-CLX40E ) off ebay (may be the problem). While sound quality was clear, it was lacking bass and tended to get distorted on some highs. Less than a day using these i had to go back to these CX300ii just because it was much more pleasent listening to these and sennheiser fit the best of any in ear headphones i have tried


HoboSwaggins posted a comment   

I had some of these and then I tried the Meelectronics M6....Aww man they are just 10 steps up. these have good sound quality but M6 is so much better. Found them for about $17 on ebay new!


JannathananS posted a comment   

I have used these earphones for over 3 years had around 3 pairs of these buy them off ebay for around $25 tried the kilpsch s4 but i keep coming back to these perfect for the gym with the asymetrical cords as they dont get in the way has good bass and good volume very comfortable to wear last about a year with periodic daily use AMAZING earbuds

thomas Jon

""the way it was meant to be played"-no better place to use the nVidia slogan"

thomas Jon posted a review   

I have been using the cx 300s since last July and the sounds just keeps getting better. the first time i heard the sound, i went "Whoa".With more use the drivers started reproducing better sound in terms of displacement and power. The highs are crips and precise and have excellent theatre representation and the bass in heady and powerful. After a year of rough usage it gives a better output than it ever did. I listen to progressive electronic and psychedelic trance music so its imperative that the bass is uncompromised and the mids arent muddled. It does an excellent job for John Digweed, Day DIn or Tool or Dream Theatre. I even frequently listen to classical like chopin or Bach and indian classical like Pt. Ravi Shankar and i havent felt like there was anything i missed. I lost my previous pair last month and this particular model was good enough for a repeat buy standing tall against Klipsch or the Philips SHE range. the only downer was the built quality of the cables-they are really thin and tangle easily.

KobusK Facebook

"By far the best in-ear headphones on the market in its price range!"

KobusK posted a review   

The Good:Brilliant audio quality, excellent build quality, lightweight, works great. I frequently use them for extended periods of time and they never feel uncomfortable.

The Bad:The asymmetrical cable, but that is only a personal preference.

I had a limited budget, but I only wanted some portable earphones that can give me good sound isolation, good quality music and of course, comfort. I went online and read reviews on hundreds of different earphones in this class range, only to come to the conclusion that these Sennheiser CX 300-II is one of the very few products that is guaranteed to do the job.
I purchased these in-ear headphones just over a year ago, and I am glad to say that I have not been disappointed by the Sennheisers in the very least. The Sennheisers have excellent sound quality and they are incredibly comfortable - I frequently wear them for extended periods of time without experiencing any discomfort. The only aspect I can complain about is the noise isolation. The limited buds to choose from means that they do not perfectly fit everyone's ears, but in my case and most of my friend's, they worked.


"Pretty good..."

rainsbrain posted a review   

The Good:Sound quality, comfort, reasonable noise isolation

The Bad:asymmetrical cables, no remote/mic, pricey

I just got these earbuds today and I'll say the sound quality is quite good for the types of music I listen to, though the design seems pretty cheap. The cables are very thin and flimsy and the asymmetrical style is not my personal preference. Also, this isn't specific to this brand, but when you're paying $90 for earbuds, I wish they'd at least have a one button remote on the cable and a mic.

Anyway, pretty good, but a little pricey for what you get.

xiaomin92 Facebook

"One of the best ear phones ive used"

xiaomin92 posted a review   

The Good:Everything except "The Bad"

The Bad:asymmetrical cables

1) Lets face it, how often do you see someone else in the bus using the CX300? Or the sennheiser brand, in general? For me, when i get on the bus, the majority of the people will either be using Sony Ericsson/Sony/iPhone earphones. If you want to be different and maybe attract a little bit of attraction from people, sennheiser CX300 can be a way to go.

2) How frustrating could it get when you are sitting at the bus stop at a central bus station. Busses comes and go every 20 seconds. The noise emitted from the bus is so loud till the point you can't listen to your music properly? CX300 provides a great sound isolation, it blocks out most of the sound from the outside.

3) Sound Quality? All i can say is that, if you are using the typical earphones *sony/sony ericsson/iphone*. There would be an explicit increase of sound quality once you change to the CX300

4) Asymmetrical cables? Can be annoying at times, but if you keep your belongings well, this shouldn't be a problem. If not, the cables could potentially tangles up.

Final opinion- Great value for money for an amazing earphone.

Generation Why

Generation Why posted a review   

The Good:Comfortable.

The Bad:Seriously lacking bass. Could cancel sound better.

I listen to a lot more 'lo-fi' or 'indie punk' music, i.e. music with feedback and distortion, and no slick production. These completely cut out the bass because there is more emphasis on the treble. It is incredibly disappointing to listen to your favourite songs and to find that they have no bass/toms sound. With the cheaper Sennheiser HD202-II Headphones, while the sound is not as smooth, they have decent bass (I understand that this is something you give up when using less extortionately expensive earbuds). On the plus side, I use these earbuds for my job. I wear them 8 hours a day and they are very comfortable.


Nikbeb posted a review   

The Good:Sound

The Bad:Build quality

I have had these since sept 2010 and only use them 3 times a month on average. Recently the "soft grip" earphone jack grip has become very loose and now it has broken away from the metal jack completely leaving the wires exposed. They have had very little use. This would not even happen on a cheap "no-brand" pair. They may be fakes but they don't look like it. I bought them for $79.00 from Minidisc Australia.


tezz posted a review   

The Good:sound quality, comfort, cord length

The Bad:none

Great value headphones. Fit really well, block out background noise, great bass response.

Ive had mine for two years and given them hell. Used them for running, gym, sport, jammed them in my backpack for travel, thrown them around, whipped people with them.

I always wrap the headphones around the ipod (not the done thing for longevity) and only recently have they started failing on me, definitely buying another pair.

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User Reviews / Comments  Sennheiser CX 300-II Precision

  • jared54



    "You just cant beat sennheiser for sound quality at this price!

    Awesome bass, clear vocals. How it should be! These are great for running as they fit so well and comfortably.

  • HoboSwaggins


    "I had some of these and then I tried the Meelectronics M6....Aww man they are just 10 steps up. these have good sound quality but M6 is so much better. Found them for about $17 on ebay new!"

  • JannathananS


    "I have used these earphones for over 3 years had around 3 pairs of these buy them off ebay for around $25 tried the kilpsch s4 but i keep coming back to these perfect for the gym with the asymetric..."

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