Sennheiser's HD 800 headphones

If you're someone who doesn't like to pay more than AU$50 for a pair of headphones, look away, now. If you're someone who doesn't mind throwing down AU$300 for a pair of cans, you should probably look away, too. But if you've got AU$2,399 to burn on a sweet pair of headphones, read on because that's what Sennheiser's new HD 800 will retail for when they come out in February.

Sennheiser's HD 800 headphones cost a whopping AU$2,400 but they're exquisite.
(Credit: Sennheiser)

What do you get for the money? Well, for starters, the newly designed ear cups are finished in Japanese Alcantara, which is a special form of man-made suede that's particularly friendly to the skin and easy to clean. After that, it gets pretty technical.

Sennheiser says the 56mm transducer in the HD 800 is "the largest that can currently be found in a dynamic headphone", explaining that the more transducer surface area that vibrates, the purer the headphone sounds at low frequencies. However, the problem with a transducer with a large surface area is that at high frequencies "undesired resonances occur at the diaphragm, resulting in distortions in sound reproduction". Apparently, the new design principle of the HD 800 — which involves a patented ring design for the diaphragm — resolves this dilemma and minimises the distortion of the sound image.

We haven't listened to them yet, but Sennheiser says, "The HD 800 has brilliant trebles, precise bass reproduction, and an exceptionally clear sound image. The frequency response is an unprecedented 6 to 51,000 Hertz".

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ProF posted a comment   

I'd like to hear some feedback from some1 who's got these sweet pair of headphones.


kgrant posted a comment   

you should review the gamma lh 075 headset, it is the best sounding headset ive ever heard. crisp highs and unreal sub bass lows, id love to see a frequency response of these i think they would give these headphones a run for their money.


He4dsp1n posted a comment   

I think you'd have to be no older than 12 years old, before your hearing gets damaged, to even hear that sort of quality. Its not only youth thats wasted on the young...


flaccid posted a reply   

Quality headphones do the least damage to ears.

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