Seven essential free software apps for a new PC

Getting a brand new PC is a great excuse to start with a clean slate of new software apps.

You don't need to settle for what comes pre-installed, there are plenty of good free applications that will handle the basic tasks that every user needs — security, anti-spyware, internet browsing, instant messaging, office productivity, entertainment and graphics editing. Here are our pick of the best on offer.

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joel posted a comment   

e machines look hot


Tezz posted a comment   

If the world's population switched over to linux or any other os for that matter, viruses would be just as prevalent, if you enjoy linux then use linux, it is only because it isnt as popular as MS, that it has better performance


Tia Serena posted a comment   

Cant find the "Trend Micro HiJack This" shown in the video anywhere in the site!!! Help Please!!!


R Marr posted a reply   

Here you go ...


james n posted a comment   

for security i use AVG
for an internet browser i use google chrome
i don't use an IM client because i'm very anti social
word processing i use open office.
i use VLC for all video files.
graphics editor i use GIMP it's awesome.
and for firewall i use windows defender.


Whitey posted a comment   

I have to agree with ya there Rob, Microsoft is expensive and the leader in market share basically because of the layout and not the performance of the actual product. I prefer linux, which we use at uni, just because theres no spyware or viruses slowing the computer down.

Conclusion, Linux/ Unix better for performances and price (obviously lol) but microsoft better layout and ease of use. And thats probably gonna stay like that for a while


rob m posted a comment   

Glad you picked Open Office. I am waiting for the day when people realise they are wasting a lot of money buying MS Office. Google Docs is getting better also. If MS Office was free, or really cheap like $49.95 for the complete professional version, then consider MS Office. Otherwise you are just needlessly filling Microsoft's already overflowing coffers.
Come to think of it, hopefully the entire computing world, including IT depts and developers adopts Linux soon. Then no one has to pay for windows either! Granted Windows 7 is much better than previous efforts, but gee OSX has been doing as good a job or better for over 8 years! In an industry where a year is a lifetime, MS are just an eternity off the pace ... and they charge you top dollar for the privilege of living back in the 20th century.
Vlc player is great too, and has been a saviour from win media rubbish.
Sorry for the MS rant. I just don't agree with companies that charge top dollar for third rate products, then spend billions on marketing to dupe people into thinking they need it or that it's actually good. Especially grating when some competitors are offering close to the same thing for free. I guess their products are good at keeping IT people employed in great numbers. But really they should be redeployed towards Linux, and get it really usable at all levels. Just my 2 cents.

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