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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Sexy texts land couple in Dubai jail

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If Shane Warne has taught us anything, it's that sexy text messages can land you in hot water. But even Warney would be shocked to learn about a couple in Dubai who have been jailed for their saucy SMSes.

According to AFP, an Indian man and woman have both received three months in the big house each for messages they sent to each other back in 2007, messages which have since been revealed during the woman's divorce proceedings from her then-husband. The message logs were delivered to the court by telecommunications company Elisalat, which responded to a court order after the woman's husband accused her of infidelity. The official title of the crime they were charged with was "coercion to commit sin". Heavy.

More shocking still is that the woman's sister also got three months jail for perjury after she told the court that it was her phone and her messages. At least the sisters will have each other for company, we suppose. The moral of the story: don't go to Dubai.

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varun posted a comment   

I dont know whom to balame... either himesh or dubai..? Both are dumb.

Himesh you will fell one day if you come across some other country..


asylum posted a comment   

seriously, himesh1042, where do I even start with a comment as dumb as yours? The couples fault for being human and expressing how they feel? The whole system in countries such as Dubai need to stop living in the past and allow people to live for themselves without having to worry whether or not they may go to jail, or even worse death for breathing! People are allowed to love one another without the pressures of a government which is ruled by religous morons who dictate the law how they see fit.


himesh1042 posted a comment   

I have to say this is insulting to Dubai. Who are you to say 'Don't go to Dubai'? This is not Dubai's fault it was the couples.I am a resident in Dubai & if your not careful this remark will cause outrage.


stevoschmicko posted a comment   

lol wat a weird place

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