Shapify creates 3D-printed selfies using Kinect

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Shapify lets you 3D scan yourself using Microsoft Kinect, and then send away for a 3D-printed miniature model of yourself.


If you have a current-gen Kinect, you could soon be the owner of your very own selfie statue. In concept, it's similar to Germany's Twinkind, which set up a photo booth for your portrait — but's service is a little more DIY (and a little more lo-res).


Using Kinect for Windows or Kinect for Xbox 360, you can scan in your own image. Firstly, you need to download and install the app and the Microsoft Kinect SDK. Then you connect the Kinect to your computer and press the "capture" button to start scanning. This is when you need to get into position — about one metre away from the Kinect, which should be at about chest height — and strike a pose, turning slowly in a circle, stopping at 45-degree intervals for eight shots.

As you can see by the sample image above, it's not perfect, but at a flat rate of US$59 — a lot cheaper than Twinkind's booth — it's not a bad deal. Unfortunately, the service isn't quite yet available in Australia — according to the website, "Currently, we ship to the USA, Canada, the UK and Europe. We will be extending our services worldwide soon."

There seems to be a business opening for a particular service in Australia, for anyone who might have access to a US$15,000 sandstone printer and a software engineer who can design an app. Either that or we could just wait a bit.

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