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Sharapova serves up the S705.

Continuing our unashamed coverage of tall blondes promoting pretty pink products (Exhibit A: our photo gallery of the Jennifer Hawkins ASUS laptop launch), we bring you Maria Sharapova spruiking the Motorola S705 SoundPilot Bluetooth stereo controller.

While the teenage tennis superstar (currently ranked second in the world) may have been be too busy prepping for the Australian Open to have acquainted herself with the intricacies of the A2DP Bluetooth profile, she seemed at ease with the music-controlling gadget during its launch in Melbourne on Friday.

The AU$174.95 SoundPilot looks like the lovechild of Moto's Portable Power unit and an old-school iPod, and uses a Bluetooth connection to navigate music and receive incoming calls. It also features an integrated FM radio, and displays caller ID and track information on its blue-hued display. According to Motorola, the device "provides seamless mobility and entertainment for active life-stylers" -- which would explain the Maria Sharapova connection. Hey, she's one of the world's best tennis players. We'd classify her as an active life-styler.

The S705 SoundPilot is available from Motorola's Web site. Those none too fond of Barbie-coloured gadgets will be relieved to discover it also comes in basic black, as seen below.

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