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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Shark and clownfish take to the air

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(Credit: William Mark Corp.)

Step aside, Parrot AR.Drone; our attention has been caught by a new flying toy — possibly the greatest flying toy we've ever seen.

Called "Air Swimmers", the shark and fish are really simple. Made from mylar helium balloons, the creatures have fins attached, which the user can steer via infrared remote to make the balloon appear as though it is swimming through the air. The corresponding AAA-battery motor attaches to the balloon's underside.

The effect is startlingly graceful and realistic, and with proper application, it can give small children and pets the willies.

The shark and the clownfish are advertised at a retail price of US$39.98 each, or as a double pack for US$71.98, but they appear to be all but sold out — and the real kicker: the seller doesn't ship to Australia. Which makes us sad that we may never get to behold the magnificent sight of a balloon shark swimming lazily through the CNET Australia offices.

Meanwhile, courtesy of our US colleagues, we have this. What even, internet?!

You can see the balloons themselves in action in the video below.

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Ajtech posted a comment   

Hi guys there are some in the american museum of natural history i am trying to get some.

If i get one i will send it your way for a look.

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