Sharp launches Australia's largest LCD TV

The 90-inch LED 3DTV will be available from late this month for the premium price of AU$20,999.

The Sharp LC-90LE740X.
(Credit: Sharp)

While we wait to see when — or even if — any of the 110-inch TVs shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 will be made available in Australia, Sharp has jumped in with its LC-90LE740X.

The 90-inch LED LCD panel has smart-TV functionality, with standard Full HD resolution of 1080p. The 3DTV ships with a LAN adaptor and two sets of 3D glasses.

The pricing decision, however, seems unusual. At AU$20,999, the Sharp is AU$5000 more than LG's 84-inch Ultra HDTV. While the extra six inches of screen size may be a draw card for many, LG's "future resistance" of its Ultra HD capacity, as well as the cash savings, seems likely to make the Sharp a hard sell.

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Im Batman posted a comment   

paying that sort of money for a 1080p display is crazy talk... but i guess until 2K content becomes common place then you might not be seeing anything better on the screen.

Not sure if I understand what is meant by "LG's "future resistance" of its Ultra HD capacity" ... future resistance, LG??... or is it Sharps future resistance to UHD?


DarrenP2 posted a comment   

Suddenly, Sony's 84 inch 4K TV doesn't look so expensive.

Why would anyone buy the Sharp at that price?


FadiZ posted a comment   

THE US version LC-90LE745U is 8K at amazon.. 2.5 times here... thats beyond a super-ripoff...

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