Sharp LED TV first look, with Blu-ray!

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Sharp has unveiled its latest crop of televisions which will feature LED-backlighting for the first time. These models have been available in other parts of the world for almost a year, so we're glad to see they've finally made it here. There will be two versions of this TV, with or without an integrated Blu-ray drive.

The LB700 series will include an on-board Blu-ray drive with an integrated Ethernet port and BD-Live support. According to Sharp Australia, the drive is removable and so can be shipped back to the company for repair without losing the whole TV. The screen features LED backlighting, 100Hz mode and three HDMI ports.

The LB700 series will be available mid-October 2009 with prices to be announced. However, one Melbourne retailer is already advertising the Sharp LC40LB700X for AU$3699. Meanwhile, the LE700 series will be available shortly in a 40-inch model only, and will be available for AU$2999.

Based on the first look we had, the television looked really good. Contrast levels were excellent, as you'd expect from LED-backlighting, and colours were incredibly vibrant. We look forward to testing these models very soon!

Elsewhere in the world Sharp will be releasing the DX2, which is essentially an LE700 with a Blu-ray recorder with two digital tuners bolted onto it. Unfortunately, that won't be coming to Australia.

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IceMan posted a comment   

DO NOT BUY! Dead pixel within one month, and Sharp refuse to fix under warranty. They claim pixels are not covered unless a "large number" are dead. Never buying Sharp again. Go with a reputable brand with a zero-dead pixel warranty.


fjwarrior posted a comment   

Just bought the 40" sharp LED LCD TV. The images are fantastic. I do agree that the built-in blu-ray player is rather noisy - in fact very noisy. Major flaw.


IceMan posted a comment   

Just bought the 40" version. Amazing fantastic picture quality. Note - the Blu-ray player is NOISY, and region locked. If you watch films that have quiet scenes, the constant whirring from the player might annoy you. Strangely, the noise from the player continues long after you eject the disk, even if you have eco-mode enabled. You have to turn the tv off and on again to stop the noise. Apart from that, its a great tv.


deano posted a comment   

A LED Tv is a LCD but with different lightiing.Using LED lights instead of fluroescent like sony for example.People i think are getting LED TVs mixed up with OLED TVs.(Organic Light Emitting diode).


heime posted a comment   

i am really keen on a LED Sharp TV with blue ray intergrated player this the way to go


Pam Carroll posted a comment   

Hi but is it real,
It's easy to understand your confusion regarding LED and LCD. The model you looked at was an LCD TV with LED backlighting. This article and video will explain the difference. LED vs. LCD: Which is better?


but is it real? posted a comment   

i just went to jb hifi and i looked at the led tvs, while all the stickers are saying LED FULL HD TV and all i looked at the back and it clearly said on the factory imprint LCD TV so while the quality looks great but what do you want, a LCD or an LED TV. If you have anymore info i would love to hear it to find the real truth.


jhe posted a comment   

it's a cool tv with the best picture quality, we had it compared with the samsung 7000 series and it was no match with the Sharp's backlit led tv!!


Goose posted a comment   

Just bought the LC40LB700x at JB-Hi Fi for $2,300. Their RRP was $3,300 on floor. The only thing disappointing about this, is the fact that I can't simply put my External HD through a USB port and play divx videos. However since SHARP also had a promotion with an Xbox360, I will be formatting my External HD to a FAT32 and playing it through the Xbox360.

I currently own a 360 already so selling an Xbox360 Elite for $350+. Melbourne pickup. Contact


LED posted a comment   

Very nice Model, But like mentioned before, not as nice as the samsung model which also has a built in movie decoder through usb. Divx capable to boot. Also has a much stronger processor and better color filtration. Samsung wins and its cheaper. 6000 series that is.

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