Shortcuts: neat tweaks for Galaxy S3 lock screen

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The lock screen on the Samsung Galaxy S3 has more functions and is more customisable than most smartphone standby displays. Take a look at some of the better options available.

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Dunners posted a comment   

The one thing i don't understand is why Samsung release new features that by default are turned off..?
Direct dail and that camera shotcut for example i would expect to be on by default but they aren't..


Im Batman posted a comment   

Nice music for the segment.
Always a great idea to bring these slightly hidden features to the surface for users

Though i do like the fact that Samsung has tried to add interesting and special features and gestures... sometimes they seem to be gesture for gesture sake.

The camera unlock one feels a bit like this, doesn't sound all that "natural" and a bit forced to remember and use.... Joe (others), how does it feel as an action?

The palm press (or slide) for screenshots is a bit OTT. Similarly, Apple has gone to far with all their gestures in OSX.


Joseph Hanlon posted a reply   

The camera shortcut looks more awkward in the video than it in the real world, because of the angle I had to hold the phone to the camera.

I'm all for gestures, especially for tablets, but only when they are easier to use than just pressing a button.

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