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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Should smartphones be banned at gigs?

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We've all been there: standing just behind the front row in a sweaty moshpit, when the band onstage rips into its lead single. The crowd goes wild, then some punter lifts up their phone to start recording the song.

New York City-based band Ratatat has said that it will support a ban on camera phones at its live performances. Speaking to The Edmonton Sun, Evan Mast from the band has expressed his concerns about members of the audience using their phones. "Lately, I'm kind of in favour of banning it, because whenever you go to shows, there's so many people with their iPhones and it's a bit distracting, I think, for people in the audience, and for us onstage, too," he said.

While enforcing such a ban would be difficult without extensive search and retain policies at the door, Mast rather amusingly said: "maybe we should just delegate one person at the beginning of the night to do all the iPhone filming, and then he can share with everyone."

Many live music venues in Australia currently ban the use of recording devices and standalone cameras at gigs, though a harsh reprimand by an usher or bouncer can only go so far. Mast even said that he would also prefer fans to refrain from talking or texting on their mobiles during a performance.

What do you think? Should smartphones and camera phones be banned at live performances?

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nalbon posted a comment   

It definitely makes for a less entertaining concert having 30% of the crowd sitting down or standing still holding up a smartphone. For starters 3 to 5 mp camera in a phone takes average videos at best and the sound isn't going to stand a chance at being recorded.
Put the phones down and dance people!!


ozoneocean posted a comment   

Oh yes, in the age where large crappy acts dominate mainstream media because they eat up all the remaining limited record company promotion funds and smaller outfits have to rely fragmented secondary channels, social networking and word of mouth it's such a fantastic idea to limit one of the easiest routes to free publicity.

Pure genius.


PeteL posted a reply   

honestly half these guys arent even worth filming anyway, as theyre not even playing it. they just go press play and pretend to be doing stuff while head banging and wondering what ferrari they should buy with your 120 dollar tickets money. coughdavingguettacough


Joseph Hanlon posted a comment   

I think the real problem is that everyone stands completely still at gigs to get the best video, its like watching TV with a few thousand people.


EricJ posted a comment   

I dont believe they should be banned all together but people need to chill out on their phones. I mean, if your at a concert seeing a band what could possibly make you want to chill and text/call everyone, or film it all on your crappy camera phone which you can barely hear the sound properly on?

Put signal jammers in the arenas when concerts are on... At least this would stop the chronic facebookers!

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