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With a new SimCity game just around the corner, Maxis will be getting 12 gamers from around Australia to compete to build the perfect city.

It's been 24 years since the first SimCity title came out, and the franchise is about to get made anew when the latest game in the series arrives in early March.

To celebrate, the Maxis team got 12 gamers from around Australia to compete in six teams of two for the ultimate Sydney experience, including a jet boat ride, Harbour Bridge walk and more. All they had to do was use the new SimCity to build a thriving metropolis with the biggest population.

The hard part? They only had six hours, and it all took place in a glass box (referencing the new Glass Box engine that the game uses) in the blazing sun, placed in the forecourt of Customs House in Sydney.

CNET Australia was there to video the final hour of the competition and talk with some of the digital architects.

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MathewS posted a comment   

Too bad about their decision to go overkill on DRM! Always on internet connection required.... they are only penalising legitimate gamers that buy their software.

Those that pirate the game have no concerns for DRM due to the hacks used, they simply disable the game in their firewall and off they go. In the meantime, if you bought the game and your internet connection drops out, because you are on the unreliable ADSL network, presumably your game is going to stop working until the connection is restored.

A good amount of rain in my area gets straight into the pit and knocks out my internet. Then I have to wait for Telstra to fix the problem.

No. I simply will not be buying this game and I encourage others not to either. Until developers learn that going overkill on DRM is unacceptable, it is us legit gamers that lose out.

Shame EA and Maxis, shame!

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