Smart home showcase: Walker House

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This four-bedroom home in Bayview Heights, overlooking Morrisons Bay, in Sydney's north west, is a stunning example of what you can do when you mix architectural excellence with smart home technology ... and a few bucks in the bank.

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rkc_62 posted a comment   

Disappointing tech. Very old school, and a truly awful control panel. All our control panels (we have one on each floor) are touch screens with no buttons - just proximity sensors to come on when you approach (and can interpret a wave as a control command). The additional control pad is a wall mounted iPad, with all the additional functions that brings. The air-con has a control module attached to the A/c systems so it is controlled from the touch panels or (like the lights, blinds, louvres, alarms, cameras etc) an iPhone or iPad from anywhere in the world). Why would you want an A/c panel beside your control panel?
And as for the entertainment, can you imagine deciding to watch a DVD and having to traipse down to the basement to load it? Ridiculous. The vast majority of the music should be digitised onto a server so it can be accessed by any entertainment system anywhere in the house, but keep a Blu-Ray player in the theatre for when you want one.


EricJ posted a comment   

I have to say this is a beautiful home but when it comes to high tech homes this is old news. The home installs the company I work for does are far more techie than this, most of the gear installed in this home is now old, Who has CD DVD etc when there's digital media that can be controlled completely via uRemote on an iPad interface? It also solves the problem of the horribly low res smart home displays :D


Michelle Starr posted a reply   

I'd love to see what your company does, Eric! Drop me a line if you like - :)

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