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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Smart onesie monitors baby, sends smartphone updates

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(Credit: Rest Devices)

The first wearable gadget sporting Intel Edison has started taking orders: a onesie that monitors your baby's breathing and sends updates to your smartphone.

Intel made a bit of a splash at CES this year with Edison, what the company is calling a full Pentium-class computer on a chip the size of a large SD card, designed specifically for wearable tech.

Its first application? Combining a baby monitor and a onesie. The Mimo baby kimono by Rest Devices is a wrap-around onesie with sensors — the green stripes across the front seen in the image above — that monitor your baby's breathing, temperature and movements, powered by the Edison chip hidden away in the removable green plastic turtle. The turtle itself is water resistant, chew-safe and too big to pose a choking hazard.

(Credit: Rest Devices)

The chip then uses Bluetooth Smart to push the information in real-time to connected apps for iOS and Android to keep you up-to-date with your baby's breathing. You can listen in via microphones on the Lilypad base station (which also charges the turtle), which relays audio through the app as well, and view past logs to understand your baby's sleeping patterns. If anything out of the ordinary occurs, you will receive alarms through the app.

The onesie is available to order for US customers through Babies R Us for US$199.99. For that price, you get three organic cotton kimonos sized 0-3 months (more sizes are on the way), one base station and one turtle. Additional kimonos will be available for US$29.99 for a pack of two.

We'd like to think it will make its way to Australia soon, but if you absolutely can't wait, you could consider using a mail forwarding service such as PriceUSA or Shipito.


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ChrisW7 posted a comment   

Ok 299.99 for 3 onesies that they will outgrow in the span of 3 months... Just wow... thanks but I think I will stick to the 50 cent ones from WalMart


RobS posted a comment   

If you have that kind of money for a onesie, you can afford a nanny to watch them.

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