Smarter with your data: get more from your iPhone and iPad around the home

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If the sales stats are to be believed, then a lot of you are using iPhones and iPads, but there are two big things that most people don't do with their iDevices.

The first is that we mostly use them as stand-alone devices, not really sharing content except by docking them on to a special speaker system. The second thing we're not using them for is to print documents when we need them, because most people don't even think that's possible from an iPhone or iPad. But there are great new wireless options that let us turn our iPhones and iPads into true hubs for everything we do. Once they're set up to do so, you'll be sharing videos, music or even your whole screen with your TV, and printing whatever you need wirelessly to your home printer.

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This is simply due to the fact both devices are lacking of built-in functions like, Printing Andalusia practical useful data entry ability.

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