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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Snap up a vintage, restored Polaroid SX70

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(Credit: HolgaDirect)

Any Polaroid aficionado knows that finding a revered SX70 camera in good condition is about as difficult as stumbling upon a needle in a haystack.

While they're readily available on eBay, and you can even try your luck at second-hand stores, it's not often that you find an SX70 with a one-year warranty and in perfect working condition.

Run — don't walk — over to HolgaDirect, where they're selling a batch of restored cameras for US$333.99. You can also buy a starter kit for US$409.99, which includes an ND filter, as well as two boxes of Impossible Project film. If you're really keen, there's the ultimate kit for US$539.99 with camera, case, film, flash and an ND filter.

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