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  • Safari 5

    Safari 5

    By a hair, Safari 5 is probably the fastest stable browser out, but with the exception of the unique Reader feature, Apple's browser is now more in line with other browsers than ahead of them. 1

  • Google Chrome 4

    Google Chrome 4

    CNET Rating9.5
    User Rating9.8

    The fastest web browser on the market, Google Chrome is a valiant and speedy attempt to redefine how we surf the internet. 9

  • Norton Internet Security 2010

    Norton Internet Security 2010

    CNET Rating8.4
    User Rating8.5

    Norton Internet Security 2010 builds on the immense progress it made in last year's version, maintaining a low system profile while strengthening its security framework. It's not perfect, but even Symantec's detractors should check it out. 5

  • Opera 10

    Opera 10

    Featuring a compression engine to boost speeds for slow computers, a cool new treatment for tabs and a gaggle of other enhancements, the Opera 10 browser is nothing to sneeze at. 3

  • LogMeIn Pro and LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone

    LogMeIn Pro and LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone

    CNET Rating7.7
    User Rating9.0

    Remote access doesn't get much simpler than LogMeIn, but don't expect it to do absolutely everything for you. 3

  • Safari 4

    Safari 4

    User Rating8.1

    Apple is touting Safari 4 as the fastest browser on the web for both Windows and Mac. Depending on your computer's specs that may indeed be true. However, if you need more than speed, Safari may not be the best choice. 11

  • Skype 4.1 beta

    Skype 4.1 beta

    Skype's new screen-sharing feature is a clever addition to the VoIP communications application. The new beta also sees birthday reminders reinstated, a favourite feature of past builds.

  • Flock 2.5

    Flock 2.5

    User Rating1.0

    Flock's differentiator is the way it integrates other services into the main browser frame — almost everything you'd want to do on the social web is already built in. 2

  • Zoho Writer 2.0

    Zoho Writer 2.0

    CNET Rating7.7

    Zoho Writer 2.0 provides one of the richest feature sets of any online word processor, now more accessible thanks to an interface revamp. And, of course, it's free... 1

  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS4

    Adobe Dreamweaver CS4

    Designers and editors who lean on Dreamweaver for complex dynamic websites will find plenty of tweaks and improvements in version 4.

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