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  • Microsoft's 3D photo album

    Microsoft's Photosynth browser can draw from personal snaps or photo-sharing sites to create a 3D space users can 'walk around' in. 4

  • Photos on a Flock browser bar

    Photos on a Flock browser bar

    Web browser lets people see friends' photos hosted on Flickr and other sites via a built-in display.

  • Scenes from the DIY Web

    New services from fledging start-ups enable people to build Web applications themselves, which pundits say will unleash creativity.

  • Ten tech-related YouTube clips you shouldn't miss

    Ten tech-related YouTube clips you shouldn't miss

    From the chimp playing Pac-Man to Bill Gates getting hit by a pie, here's a greatest hits collection of tech videos.

  • Inside Firefox 2 beta 1

    Inside Firefox 2 beta 1 takes an inside look at Firefox 2 beta 1, with images of its new features.

  • Inside Opera 9

    While we really do like Opera 9, we like it more as the cool, cutting-edge browser that it is, and not as an everyday workhorse for the Internet. 3

  • Netscape makeover digs into news

    The site will transform from a general purpose portal into a news site in which both readers and editors choose the content.

  • A clearer focus on Google Earth

    Google beefs up resolution and coverage of Google Earth to the level of aerial photography -- even showing people walking in some places. 5

  • Google's Excel challenge

    Google's Excel challenge

    See screen shots from the beta version of Google Spreadsheet Web-based software application.

  • Apple iLife '06

    Apple iLife '06

    Apple iLife '06, the media-wrangling suite from Apple, includes a new app -- iWeb -- and solid improvements to existing apps, including podcasting and photocasting. It's well worth the AU$199 licensing fee.

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