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  • TV Chrome

    TV Chrome

    CNET Rating7.0

    Here's a free way to watch world TV in your Google Chrome browser. You can certainly find some interesting offerings in its listings; however, we'd like to have more set-up options.

  • YouTube Downloader

    YouTube Downloader

    CNET Rating8.8
    User Rating6.4

    If you want the ability to save and view YouTube videos while offline, this is the tool to use. 6

  • ZoneAlarm SocialGuard

    ZoneAlarm SocialGuard

    CNET Rating8.8

    ZoneAlarm SocialGuard scans your kids' Facebook accounts and aims to protect them from strangers, cyberbullies and dangerous links.

  • Dropbox


    CNET Rating8.9
    User Rating8.0

    If you find yourself frequently transferring files between different people and computers via email or USB drives, Dropbox is a must-download. 1

  • Mozilla Firefox 4

    Mozilla Firefox 4

    CNET Rating9.4
    User Rating9.0

    Firefox 4 is competitively fast, sports a new minimalist look and includes some excellently executed features. Unfortunately, that describes most of Firefox's competition, too. 2

  • Internet Explorer 9

    Internet Explorer 9

    CNET Rating8.8
    User Rating5.4

    This is not only the best version of IE to date, but it will catapult Internet Explorer back into the thick of the browser wars. 18

  • Google Chrome 10

    Google Chrome 10

    CNET Rating9.1
    User Rating8.0

    Google Chrome 10 comes with a full range of competitive features and is among the most standards-compliant and fastest browsers available. 14

  • Google Chrome 8

    Google Chrome 8

    CNET Rating9.5
    User Rating6.8

    Google Chrome 8 is not only stable to use, but comes with a full range of competitive features. It lacks some of the fine-tuning customisations in Firefox, but overall, users browsing with Chrome will find it a pleasant, fast and standards-compliant experience. 4

  • Opera 11

    Opera 11

    CNET Rating9.5

    Extensions, highly competitive page-load times, cutting edge features and strong support for "future web" technologies make Opera 11 one of the best browsers available.

  • LastPass Password Manager

    LastPass Password Manager

    CNET Rating9.0

    Effective, secure and easy to use, LastPass offers a broad base of password-management features for free that can be expanded when upgrading to the premium version. It's an essential add-on for modern web browsing. 2

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