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Following in the footsteps of Instagram, Temple Run and, soon, Flipboard, Songify is another hit iOS app that has made the leap from Apple to Android.

The surprisingly simple Songify app UI on the right.
(Screenshot by CBSi)

The app was developed by the Gregory Brothers, the musical masterminds behind YouTube series Auto-Tune the News, in which news events are transformed into surprisingly catchy songs using Auto-Tune sound modulation. The group first struck gold with the song Bedroom Intruder, and has gone on to Auto-Tune President Barack Obama and actor Charlie Sheen.

Songify gives you the power to do this yourself without any effort on your part. You simply record an audio sample, and the app processes the sound, adds a funky beat behind it and spits out your track.

The app also has an in-app payment option for purchasing more songs to mix your audio with, plus the option to earn free credits using TapJoy. A third tab in the app links to a social leader board, where you can listen to the top tracks "created" by other users.

Songify is free to download now on the Google Play store.

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