Sony 84-inch 4K TV priced for Australia: AU$24,999

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Sony's Ultra High Definition television is available for pre-order from today, with delivery guaranteed before Christmas.

Sony's 84-inch 4K TV will cost AU$24,999.
(Credit: Sony)

Despite having officially launched the 4K Bravia TV some weeks ago, Sony held off on announcing the pricing until today.

The 84-inch TV will retail for AU$24,999, and is available to pre-order from today, with Sony guaranteeing delivery before Christmas.

The pricing puts it well above the other 84-inch Ultra HDTV on the market, the LG 3D Ultra-Definition TV, which is selling for AU$15,999. However, it is the exact price that the Bravia is selling for in the US — Sony normally does not match pricing from the US to Australia, with Aussies instead usually receiving a mark-up.

Despite the Consumer Electronics Association recently deciding that 4K resolution will be termed Ultra High Definition, Sony has elected to keep the term 4K for its product.

You can experience Sony's 84-inch TV at select Sony experience centres around the country.

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Im Batman posted a comment   

I would normally just drop that sort of cash without any consideration for the quality of the product.
But 4K, i need to see this one to really appreciate it i think... i am going to hold off and check it out in person!

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