Sony announces new PlayStation 3 again

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At the Tokyo Game Show (TGS), Sony has announced a third model PlayStation 3 to arrive on the market later this year.

The new PlayStation 3
(Credit: Sony)

In a move that we're calling "PlayStation: Cubed", Sony has unveiled details of a new PlayStation 3, to be released across the world from September this year, as reported by Kotaku.

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The new model is even smaller than the Slim, coming in at 25 per cent smaller and 20 per cent lighter — which makes it half the size of the original PS3. (This means, if the trend continues, thanks to Zeno's paradox of Achilles and the Tortoise, that the PS3 will never disappear entirely. That's good to know.)

It will be available in two colours, black and white, with 250GB or 500GB capacities. The "charcoal black" version will launch in Japan on 4 October, and the "classic white" model will launch on 22 November.

In the US, the PS3's arrival will be a little delayed. According to Joystiq, a 250GB bundle including a black PS3, US$30 worth of content in shooter Dust 514 and Uncharted 3 will be available from 25 September for US$269.

The 500GB model is set to hit on 30 October for US$299.

In Australia, we're not getting the 250GB model. Instead, we're getting what Sony is calling the 12GB flash memory model, which can be expanded by connecting a dedicated 250GB HDD, and will need to be bought separately. We have contacted Sony for pricing details.

Both are set to hit stores later this month on 27 September. The 12GB flash memory model will come in at AU$299.95, and the 500GB model at AU$399.95

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EesK posted a comment   

Meh, I placed a SSD in my slim and it is truly amazing :)


Dunners posted a comment   

If Sony really wanted this to sell they should have included PS2 backwards compatibility.
I would definately have brought one


MatthewR1 posted a comment   

junk that what i think of the new PS3 i got the 1st slim and i really like it but this one yea is smaller but it looks very cheaply made


RichardM5 posted a comment   

well awesome thing about PS3 i put a nice 750gb laptop drive on mine deff wont be running out of problems soon with memory :)


TimH3 posted a comment   

Same old over-priced products from Sony. No wonder they are losing so much market share.


ei_samus posted a comment   

Lame, god knows how they justify the price of hard disk space considering they are only using crappy 5400rpm 2.5" drives. Also I thought the idea of shrinking it was to bring the price down but it seems about the same price as the 160gb Slim now.

Seems like more proof that Sony wants this generation to last as long as possible. But considering they overpowered their console and had to sell it at a loss for so long, who can blame them. If they released something new now for a reasonable price and at a profit it's specs would be less than impressive at least compared to the ps2 > ps3 jump.


RichardM5 posted a reply   

sell at a loss?? i would deff like to see the data in that and from where you got that from bc what company is stupid enough to sell st at a loss and is still able to survive...and theres no need for a new harware change since the full potential of the ps3 hasnt been used yet unlike 360 that they can only stick certain amount of info in those little dvds of them


JimA3 posted a reply   

They make up the money on software. Many companies do this.


Dunners posted a reply   
Heres an article explaining it.

Sony sold the PS3 at a loss because at the time it was trying to introduce Blu-ray.

I'm sure you would have heard the story about VHS (JVC) and betamax (Sony). Sony charged royalties for everything to do with betamax making it to expensive to produce and purchase and in the end the format died.

When the PS3 was being introduced two formats emerged that offered the 'next best thing' after DVD, they were HD DVD (Toshiba) and Blu-ray (Sony). This time Sony learnt from Betamax's failure and realised that if Blu-ray was going to become DVD's replacement they needed to get a Blu-ray player into everyone’s home for cheap. If they didn't HD DVD (which was cheaper) would beat them in the same way that VHS beat Betamax. That’s where the PS3 came in, they knew the PS3 would sell well so all they had to do was keep the price down enough that as many people as possible would buy it.

After its release Blu-ray and HD DVD went on sale and Blu-ray was more popular as more people had a Blu-ray player in their home (a PS3). It meant you didn’t need to go out and spend another $700 to watch your movies. The catch was (and still is) a Blu-ray player is expensive but Sony decided to absorb that cost in order to keep the price down. A lot of people wouldn’t buy a base model PS3 for $800 now would they.

Sony is now reaping the benefits as HD DVD is dead so the replacement did end up being Blu-ray and they get royalties for every disc and player made.

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