Sony BDP-S550

The BDP-S550 is a fully loaded Blu-ray player with all the bells and whistles, including the latest Profile 2.0 advanced interactive feature support and HD audio.

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User Reviews / Comments  Sony BDP-S550

  • Ottis


    "all is perfect and one day ill work out this bd thing. upset about the 3d not compatable even after we downloaded updates into the player?"

  • maverick11359



    "S550 is "Excellence" S550 is "Excellence" to put it in one word..
    The difference between this and the S350 is on board DTS HDMA decoding, which 50% of bluraymovies are comming out with so d..."

  • opensource



    "I have been using the Sony BDP-S550 for a week now and love it. I am amazed at the dvd up scaling quality you can see the before and after difference. We are enjoying the O.C so much more now. If y..."

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