Sony Dream Machine (ICF-CL75iP)

We have a few nitpicks and grumblings, but overall the Dream Machine is a happy marriage between the alarm clock, iPod dock and digital photo frame.


Device type
iPod dock, USB

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User Reviews / Comments  Sony Dream Machine (ICF-CL75iP)

  • darkknight



    "I have to agree with everyone. The clock freezes and turns off. You have to wait for ages before turning back on. I like the concept but it is a piece of S*#T. Mine has just died and I dont know if..."

  • AndrewK2


    "The clock freezes, slide show stops and time readout disapears, and alarm never goes off,,,this thing is a real usless piece of junk. Happens way too often making me late for work,,otherwise,,it's..."

  • Team_Misti



    "Very disappointing, as it promises so much and almost delivers. So unreliable, power failure seems to occur frequently meaning the alarm clock feature fails. Happening too often, only way to get it..."

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