Sony Ericsson K770i

The Sony Ericsson K770i combines good design, useful features and ease of use to produce a pleasing jack-of-all-trades phone at a reasonable price.

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Whether you choose Truffle Brown or the Ultra Violet purple available exclusively on 3 Mobile, you're sure to receive comments on the colour of the Sony Ericsson K770i. Our review model came in the former, and although we received mixed reactions from curious passers-by, we're quite fond of the brown hue, which isn't quite dark enough to be chocolate and gives the unit a subtle, perhaps businesslike look.

The K770i is very sleek, with no protrusions and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. At just 14.5mm thick, it's also one of the slimmest Cyber-shot phones to date.

The lens cover sits flush with the back of the phone, and can be used to activate the camera, although there is also a dedicated button on the right-hand side. The keypad employs a traditional layout, with keys on the small side that manage to be quite responsive despite their slightly plasticky feel.

Keypad aside, buttons on the K770i are minimal, with the power button across the top, next to a slider to assist in opening the phone to get to the battery, SIM card and memory card. The battery doesn't cover the cards like some other phones, but it does have to be removed to change the sim. The memory card pops out of the side giving it much easier access.

Our biggest design annoyance is the proprietary headphone port which doubles as the power connection. Positioned on the lower left-hand side of the phone, it's fiddly, awkward and just about impossible to carry in your pocket when the headphones are attached.

This 3.2 megapixel camera phone carries Sony's Cyber-shot phone branding though we were disappointed to discover it doesn't use a Carl Zeiss lens or Xenon flash, both of which are present on high-end offerings in the line. Instead there is a LED photolight and unbranded lens with autofocus and micro mirror for taking self-portraits.

When you activate the camera -- via the lens cover or dedicated camera button -- a thin blue strip is illuminated, as are the outer eight keys on the keypad which double as camera shortcuts.

There's a "Photo fix" application so you can touch up your shots directly on the phone, as well as PhotoDJ which lets you adjust things such as brightness and contrast, remove red-eye and do silly things like adding clip art and frames to your pics.

This camera phone is also a pretty good music mobile, featuring an FM radio and music player similar to those found on the Walkman phones.

The phone includes a paltry 16MB of internal memory, but also comes with a 256MB Memory Stick Micro (M2) memory card for music and photo storage. If you're big into multimedia phone features, you'll need to splash out on a higher capacity card as the supplied one will fill up fast.

Rounding out the feature set on this triband phone are 3G connectivity, Bluetooth, and video calls thanks to a VGA sensor above the LCD.

As far as camera phones go, the K770i is easy to use and offers decent image quality. As we mentioned, it misses out on a Carl Zeiss lens and Xenon flash despite its Cyber-shot branding but fares quite well anyway.

The 3.2-megapixel shots we took during our testing were fairly clear and show good colour reproduction. The LED photolight in place of a Xenon flash is noticeable especially in low-light, as it's too weak to capture a scene clearly. The auto focus also lags slightly but again, we don't expect a camera phone to compete with a traditional digital camera. Likewise, video quality is low-res and nothing to boast about, but convenient to have on your phone for those unexpected moments.

The FM radio and music player performed well, challenging its Walkman-branded cousins in terms of ease-of-use and sound quality. While we dislike the proprietary headphone jack and awkward positioning of the port, the included headset is unimpressive but not completely awful.

General phone functions are straightforward and we had no trouble with calls, texting and file transfers, although we found the T9 predictive text a bit quirky -- as an example, it refused to let us type "are", instead choosing to insert "cre" into our written conversations.

Battery life is rated an average 10 hours talk time which we found pretty accurate, recharging the unit a couple times a week with light use -- calls, text and occasional use of multimedia features.

While the K770i fits the description "jack of all trades, master of none", Sony Ericsson has produced a great all-rounder phone for an affordable price.

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mojo posted a review   

The Good:music player; camera; sturdiness; well a lot of things actaully

The Bad:nothing really, just maybe the wallpaper can be a little bit pixelated; so called "wifi" is **** and you can't even email (maybe it's just my network, but i'd never use it anyway)

I dropped this phone in the toilet (luckily before I went though haha) about 2 months after I got it, and it worked perfectly afterwards. Over a year and a half (and another God knows how many 1m+ drops to concrete) later, it's only just starting to give in with the buttons becoming a little bit difficult to work, and water-fights only wig a couple of buttons out for a day or two.

I'd have to say that this is the best phone I've ever owned and I'm (very) happy to keep it as a backup for future phones.


That guy in the corner posted a comment   

The Good:Ease of use, has all the nessecary features even though I rarely use them, can get custom Java apps off the internet, battery's pretty good, takes a 4GB M2 that I had laying around and it was one of the cheapest phones available.

The Bad:Screen is pretty small, the back cover and front part that isn't the buttons feel pretty plastic-y, camera is good quality but very easy to blur the shots if you move it.

I got this phone in May to replace my dying Sagem C5, I got it from a clearance sale where they had many phones on offer, with this one being only $30. I thought that was cheap enough to justify it's flaws. It's a pretty good phone, last me another year or two yet, has all the features you'd want and everything is where you would expect it to be and works how you expect it to work.


suresh muthu posted a comment   

The Good:speed of processing,3.2 mp,super style,good looking

The Bad:screen is also very very very small

but i like this model.


amulu posted a comment   

The Good:speed of processing

The Bad:security

design is also good


ITboy posted a review   

The Good:does the trick

The Bad:occasionally get "sim inactive" error & needs reboot, small screen for internet (can't resize pages), lens cover opens accidentally

still happy with it though..


phoneman posted a comment   

The Good:hell good phone

The Bad:doesnt have wifi :(

love the phone


zia posted a comment   

i need help i wish to install games in my k770i but im faceing problem again and again. OPRATION failed failed . some one help me out


Denver posted a comment   

The Good:3.2 Mp, 3G, Light, Track ID technology

The Bad:Small screen, no walkman technology

Quite good 8.5/10 quite good features would be 9 but no walkman technology


Fred posted a review   

The Good:great camera, posibility for apps, easy to use, shortcut buttons are handy. decent keypad

The Bad:Not a fan of the lens cover, always opens by accident

i was hoping for a k550i with a better keypad, and essentially thats what this is, a bit bigger due to the extra camera on the
front and 3g capabilities i guess?
for what i use i for, texting and calls, i'd take back my k550 anyday.


chymohammad posted a review   

The Good:flash,
camera qulity nice,
vedio calling,
gud sound,
no joystick,
2 colors light,white for normal mood n blue for camera mood,
light sensor bla bla.

The Bad:small screen,
n dedicated key for music,
its not a walkman phone.

its a kool phone.i like it.

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User Reviews / Comments  Sony Ericsson K770i

  • mojo



    "I dropped this phone in the toilet (luckily before I went though haha) about 2 months after I got it, and it worked perfectly afterwards. Over a year and a half (and another God knows how many 1m+ ..."

  • That guy in the corner

    That guy in the corner

    "I got this phone in May to replace my dying Sagem C5, I got it from a clearance sale where they had many phones on offer, with this one being only $30. I thought that was cheap enough to justify it..."

  • suresh muthu

    suresh muthu

    "but i like this model."

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