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Sony Ericsson Walkman phones let you rock out in style.

Mobile phones come feature-packed these days. From GPS systems to high-resolution cameras, phones are never just phones, and music players are now inseparable from mobile devices. You'd struggle to find a mobile that doesn't play music in some shape or form.

Despite strong competition from Nokia's N-Series and Motorola's ROKR music phones, the Walkman branded Sony Ericssons stand out with distinctive design and arguably the best music application in mobile devices. The strong black and orange colour palette of the Walkman family has become synonymous with mobile music. This isn't to say there isn't room for improvement, for example, we'd love to see a Walkman phone with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

In the last 12 months Sony Ericsson have piled seven new Walkman phones into the market, with more on the way: the W760 and the ultra-affordable W350 due for release early in 2008. This year's Walkman phones have been slimmer and sexier than those of the previous year; including the W880i which still stands out as one of the slimmest mobile phones available in Australia.

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yogesh posted a comment   

Sony's walkman series are best music phones..If you are a music lover..then must go for walkman series and you will really enjoy the music quality..Sony ericsson rocks in sound quality !!!


jan posted a comment   

.. sony ericsson phones? .. only the cyber shot series is the best .. but the wlkman series? i don't think so, i don't like the the pixels of the phone graphics.. so i prefer the cyber shot .. if i were u guys..


al posted a comment   

can u tell me,how to use the walkman in my sony ericson?


hamz! posted a comment   

i want sony ericcson w302 or w660i or w880i


jiimy posted a comment   

w-810i was the greatest invention of walkman series mobile phones,but all other phones are only fake name as walkman because these have no such type of music,cemera quality..
and 1 more specielthing that evry phone if one time out of oder tn believe me even GOD cant repare sony,s phone ..
that plase no one bye sony ericsson pon..


anju posted a comment   

can anyone tell am i supposed to open the cover to get d sim out....???


arju posted a reply   

drrag the back side panel towards down side


melmel posted a comment   

i have this phone! it rocks! but wen u text...that numbers starts to crack...nd...afta like 2 starts to brake...mine just broke=9


anshika posted a comment   

i want sony ericsson in the range of 200$ can u pls suggest with the option of music in tht...

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