Sony: 'Everything's been tuned' with the PS4 controller

Hot on the heels of Microsoft's invitation to check out the next Xbox, Sony has pushed out a shiny new YouTube video highlighting the added features of the PlayStation 4 controller, along with a healthy peppering of praise from its creators.

A solid look at the DS4 for the PS4.
(Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment)

"Everything's been tuned — the feel of the analog sticks, the sensitivity of both different types of triggers," Scott Rohde, PlayStation product development SVP, says in the video.

Surprisingly, the clip isn't as boring as it sounds, and despite rehashing the touch pad and some other common details, the video serves a purpose by putting emphasis on the things that most people may have missed during the initial reveal.

For example, the addition of a light bar to the PlayStation 4 controller could remedy one of the oldest annoyances that people experience with split-screen gaming, as it puts an end to the old revolving-chair situation caused by passing a controller around to friends in the room. The PS4's Eye camera instantly detects if the DualShock 4 controller moves to a different part of the room, and shifts the order of the split screens according to where the players are situated.

(Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment)

A brief moment in the video also reminds people that an integrated speaker in the controller can make gaming experiences more dynamic; an example illustrates how a shooting game could feel more real as the controller can play sounds of bullets whizzing by your character.

Of course, there's no shortage of discussion on how the DS4's "Share" button can make it easy for people to share gameplay video and screenshots with friends. While we don't officially know how long the sharing process takes, the video casts it off as being a very simple and quick experience. Also, does anyone else have the feeling Microsoft will probably have a similar video recording/sharing/streaming experience in the next Xbox?

Currently on Reddit, a popular photo laments the addition of Share by speculating that accidental presses of the button could mean certain doom for countless gamers. While we rarely accidentally hit the Start or Select buttons on the DualShock 3 controller, it's possible that the top-left location placement of the Share button could be more vulnerable. It might be smart for Sony to add an option that can disable Share if desired, or at least require a long press of the button to avoid any accidents.

Oddly, the video only gives a small mention of the new controller's touch pad, which gives the user the ability to swipe and perform accurate movements with multiple fingers. It's likely we'll see greater emphasis on the touch pad, light bar, and other features during Sony's PlayStation press conference on 10 June at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California.


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TristramW posted a comment   

Sony really dropped the ball on this one people don't care about the controller, infact many PS3 fans want the controller to stay the same, what people really care about is the actual console the only reason i wasted my internet on the Sony event was to see the controller and by the end when I realised they weren't showing it they really **** me off.


TristramW posted a reply   

Console not the controller damn predictive text.


nanorazor posted a reply   

It was just an announce of the PS4. Not the unveiling of PS4.

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