Sony 'Headman' 3D visor first look

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Sony has shown off its new prototype 3D visor (the "Headman") at CES in Las Vegas, which can be used to display movies or even games in three dimensions.

sony headman 3d visor

(Credit: Ty Pendlebury/CNET Australia)

The headset includes two displays inside the visor, which is equivalent to a 100-inch 720p display, and also a set of headphones. While the looks are a plus, unfortunately the engineers didn't get around to including a headband.

Image quality wasn't too bad, but we can't see many people choosing one of these over a regular television (plus on the bus you'd just look like a dill).

Though it's supposed to be reminiscent of the Walkman, we'd still rethink the name.

The Headman was just one of many 3D prototypes the company showed off at this year's CES. Sony's showcase also included a 4K autostereoscopic (glasses-less 3D) TV, a portable Blu-ray player and even an OLED with autostereocoping.

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ST posted a comment   

I'm curious about how good this would be for your eyes, how long would we be able to wear them really. Also the guy in the back seems to be holding them on his face which sorta makes me wonder if you always have to hold them on which could get annoying (obviously something that's easy to fix though)

Still it's interesting hopefully they don't screw it up XD.


GuyInPhoto posted a reply   

I'm the guy in this photo. (Mike K from Los Angeles). Everyone at CES had to hold onto the visors because there wasn't a strap of any kind to fasten the devices to our heads. That was about the only drawback to this thing.

pros: 3D 720p video, virtual big screen tv, surround sound, privacy and I was able to wear prescription glasses while using it.
cons: had to hold the 2-3 pound device while using it and it's kind of bulky. It's definitely a really cool concept that they've nearly perfected. I could see this as a great device for gaming, watching sports and movies for people who travel or don't have a lot of space for a huge TV and surround sound speakers.


Jars posted a comment   

think about the travel implications, how great would this be on a long plane trip


Andrew Hoffman posted a comment   

I am the 'Headman' around this village-I'll sue!


Andy posted a comment   

'Headman' - you're kidding me right?


chris posted a comment   

This is amazing, if it is offered at an affordable pricepoint this could have many uses including gaming!

That is as long as it is comfortable to wear for at least 2 hours.

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