Sony KDL-46X2000

The Sony KDL-46X2000 is a stylish 46-inch LCD television with excellent image quality that can handle and display full 1080p high-definition signals.

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Sony's range of Bravia high-definition LCD TVs are among the best on the market. Its latest KDL-46X2000 screen sticks to that reputation and comes with full support for the 1080p full high-definition standard.

The KDL-46X2000 has been designed with Sony's usual sense of style and is finished in soft metallic silver with an elegant floating glass design. Integrated with the unit are a removable stand, two inbuilt speakers plus the all important HD tuner. The rear of the display houses most of the connectors, but there's also a fold-out panel with basic inputs up front for easy access.

The plain looking remote makes do with fewer buttons for better ease of use and matches the style of the LCD screen. The remote isn't backlit but worked well and sits comfortably in the hand - we didn't have any qualms.

The star feature of the KDL-46X2000 is the Bravia Engine EX, Sony's unique intelligent picture improvement technology. When combined with the integrated HD tuner, the KDL-46X2000 provides stunning images in full high-definition. Utilising live colour creation and the new Bravia Engine EX, the KDL-46X2000 is able to enhance image quality beyond that of its competitors. Instead of simply blowing up an image to fit the large 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, the KDL-46X2000 increases the resolution up to four times. This allows even SD viewing to have improved detail and clarity.

The screen also features the latest S-PVA (Super Vertical Pattern Alignment) technology, which provides a broader viewing angle and is quite large at 178 degrees, as well as Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) technology.

At the rear we find several important connectors including dual HDMI adaptors and the usual RCA and audio jacks. At the front there's an S-Video and RCA connection as well as several buttons for controlling the screen.

The standard speakers provide very good sound despite their size. They feature Dolby Pro Logic II Virtual Surround, which is further improved thanks to BBE Digital technology.

Setting up is a simple task. Once turned on, we ran through some basic changes to the settings. We put the backlight control level to zero and played around with the brightness and contrast settings until we were happy - something every owner should do. After several minutes of adjusting, viewers are rewarded with pleasing overall quality.

Black colours are deep and shadows show great detail, which is rare for an LCD screen. Most of the presets out of the box demand attention. Without changing these settings pictures have a dull overcast with a noticeable blue tinge. Watching the nightly news revealed lifelike images with no sign of blurring or deterioration in quality. Some screens often show some level of noise around the outlines of people on TV. Skin tones, especially Caucasian, appeared lifelike without the annoying red hues found on many screens.

Watching a DVD through the HDMI component was superb. The dark cave scene from Lord of the Rings revealed minute details such as Orcs running and crawling through the background in the shadows.

Considering the size of the inbuilt speakers, which are rated at 22 watts (11 each), the audio quality was average. Sony TVs are known for their remarkable sound representation, so this was a little disappointing. Volume was loud without distortion and the virtual surround effects did work but were hardly noticeable.

Sony offers a full 1 year warranty on its Bravia range of LCD TVs as standard with an additional 4 year extended warranty at cost. Further, contact and support is offered via the Sony website.

Note: This model is also available in two others sizes: the 52-inch KDL52X2000 (AU$9999)and the 40-inch KDL40X2000 (AU$5499).

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stevench posted a review   

The Good:Looks nice

The Bad:Crap quality.

Pathetic lemon. 1 month out of warranty and the screen starts to flicker.


daveevans posted a review   

The Good:Looks good, sound good, plenty of features and easy to set up if you go to the website and follow the instructions!!!

The Bad:I would have been really P*d off if I'd paid four and a half grand for this and found that I can now get it for less than half price. But that's progress, as the man says........

A great telly. Originally $4500 can now be had for around $2000 if you shop around.


aelvis11 posted a review   

The Good:blu-ray really good quality hdmi good good good

The Bad:N/A

WoW!! i cannot describe the quality


Dominic10 posted a review   

The Good:Great picture quality

The Bad:a bit too expensive

Had it for a while now. Very happy. Works great with the PS3 in through the HDMI


suuzi posted a review   

great didn't really have any of the major problems that other people are having, also it really impressed my friends

paul b australia

paul b australia posted a review   

The Good:It is a great picture and sound.

The Bad:Instructions are incomplete. Page 12 refers you to page 16 re the colored buttons. Page 16 does not mention it at all!!

Can anyone please tell me how to set the 'Favourites List'. The instruction book fails to do this. (See pages 18 & 34)


jneuse posted a review   

The Good:Brialliant Resolution -1080 signal is spectacular
Bright vibrant colours - inky blacks
No motion blur
good looking set too

The Bad:price
input select a bit fiddly

Just picked up my 46 inch X series this weekend. Very impressed indeed. The HD signal For the AFL on Saturday night on channel 10 is spectacular. Not sure what the Plasma fanboys are talking about when they complain about motion blur and poor blacks. After watching 3 games of AFL - on HD and SD, I could not detect any blur at all and experience lovely inky blacks. In all this TV has surpassed my expectations.

Stephen L

Stephen L posted a review   

The Good:Great picture. Stylish appearance.

The Bad:Remote very directional - must hit the spot on the glass bevel.
No HDMI out to take signal from tuner to an amp/receiver for external speakers.
Need to be careful lifting (glass surround).
Split picture only allows one image from digital and one from analog tuner (can't see whats on another digital channel while viewing digital).

Great screen. Remote a bit cumbersome to change source.
Pity no HDMI out. If using the TV as a HD tuner, can't take output to a receiver and speakers other than with stereo analogue out. Concept of a single cable connection between devices is still elusive.


Sam posted a review   

The Good:-Wonderful image for a lcd
-lovely aesthetics

The Bad:-blurry image i found - not good for fast motion, colours not as vibrant as plasma's
-over priced and over rated

Got a bravia x series and have been decently happy

however if youre in the market i suggest getting the new generation panasonic HDTV's with 1080p, i saw my brothers and in a comparison i would have to say his looks better. better clarity and more vivid, vibrant colours at almost half the price.

this is the best lcd out there, but not the best flat panel tv when compared to plasma

sony are overrated unfortunately

Peter S

Peter S posted a review   

The Good:Nice colors

The Bad:Non black screen or color. Cloudy images that were not repaired.
Poor picture quality afer "repair"
Slow/ no response from Sony re ongoing issues

Have had NOTHING but issues with this TV. Have the backlight problem (which was "fixed" by Sony but has come back same and now with other issues including generally worse picture). Bought the extended warranty as do not trust Sony to resolve issues within warranty period. Recommend you DO NOT buy until you have looked at this website -

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User Reviews / Comments  Sony KDL-46X2000

  • stevench



    "Pathetic lemon. 1 month out of warranty and the screen starts to flicker."

  • daveevans



    "A great telly. Originally $4500 can now be had for around $2000 if you shop around."

  • aelvis11



    "WoW!! i cannot describe the quality"

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