Sony: no bundled 4K content for Aussies

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Sony's promised "preloaded, native 4K entertainment" with its AU$25,000 TV is a US-only offer.

(Credit: Sony)

As reported earlier in the week, Sony has said on its blog that it will be providing "the world's first 4K Ultra HD delivery solution, complete with preloaded, native 4K entertainment" on its 84-inch KD-84X9000 Ultra HD TV.

The promise was for "full-length feature Hollywood productions, and available exclusively to purchasers of Sony's 84-inch 4K Ultra HD TV".

We said we'd check in with Sony Australia to see whether the offer is for local purchases, as well. Sony got back to us with a response — and it's a resounding no.

"At this stage, this is a local US initiative with Sony Pictures Entertainment."

So, sadly, if you're an Australian who's willing to spend AU$25,000 on a 4K TV, there's still a bit of a question around what you'll be watching.

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bestestimes posted a comment   

Thats Sad, Sony should have 4k products available in Australia that u can buy to play on this tv off their website and should keep expanding their library. And also have an App that is built into this tv for pay for play watching. Sad how us Aussies always pay more and get less options. 4k Disk Player would be good. is there any?


trancedictive posted a comment   

Its seems that manufacturers take better care of US citizens than their own government.


grumpi posted a comment   

Sony treating Aussies with contempt as usual.


eDDie posted a comment   

I don't care that there's no content. If I had the money I'd get it. Future Proof. There's plenty of upscaling available. And not to mention it's big! with it's own built-in adjustable stand!


DarrenP2 posted a reply   

You call an edge-lit LCD future-proof?

I don't think so.

Don't get me wrong, I've seen this TV and it's great. But it's still an LCD: an unavoidably flawed technology.

When there's 4K OLED or CLED TVs, then I'll be truly interested.

Anyone that buys this TV needs to re-think their priorities IMO.


dougaussie posted a comment   

no problem, i'll watch the normal stuff on it till superHD bluerays come out.


joytech22 posted a reply   

By that time, hopefully you'll have also figured out that basically all current Blu-Ray players cannot play higher-resolution content due to hardware restrictions.

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