Sony patents completely bizarre hybrid controller

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This Frankensteinian controller combines a DualShock with a Move, and then cleaves it in twain.

Snap in and snap out.
(Credit: Sony)

It's a Move, it's a DualShock — no, it's actually two of them. Meet the Hybrid Separable Motion Controller; or, at least the recently published patent for it.

Our sister-site GameSpot is reporting that the patent, originally filed on March 2011, details a controller that snaps in two to make it two individual Move style devices. It also packs in components like a magnetometer and accelerometer, for vibration and even audio playback through an embedded speaker.

The patent also seems to indicate that a PlayStation Eye camera will be required, and that games will be able to tell if the controller has been split in two not.

From the upcoming Point at People in the Street game.
(Credit: Sony)

You can see some more images and info over at GameSpot.

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