Sony Personal 3D Viewer (HMZ-T1)

It works brilliantly, but it's not for everyone. If you're single, cashed up, love 3D movies to death or need an immersive gaming experience, then the Personal 3D Viewer may just be the ticket for you.

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User Reviews / Comments  Sony Personal 3D Viewer (HMZ-T1)

  • Pickel


    "can't help but feel this would have more potential if it was portable and able to play files from your tablet / smart phone. i, for one, would fine one of these on a plane / train / bus / station ..."

  • ADSLNerd


    "I was meant to try one of these, but he following issue occurred:-

    Firstly, Personal use only - output from Processor box via HDMI to TV - only to the headset.

    1. Connect..."

  • Robxr5



    "First thing to stress is that I do not own one. I happened to be passing the Sony store in Brisbane, and knew they had a trial model in there so thought - why not?

    I was looking forwar..."

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