Sony Personal 3D Viewer in depth

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We've had a taste of the (possible) future, in the form of the Personal 3D Viewer, and we've discovered that patience, perseverance and meticulousness are the keys to an enjoyable experience.

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gregory.opera posted a comment   

I had a look at this in the Melbourne Sony Center and to be honest, even I was surprised just how lightweight the device... It's also a LOT more comfortable than what most Web sites (including this one) make out, so I'm not really sure what everyone is on about.

The quality of the displays was very impressive and when using the 3D functionality, there was not a hint of the ghosting that is common to autostereoscopic 3D displays... As for the sound, I actually found the sound to be quite good, crystal clear and with deep bass.

Realistically, I'm not sure if I can afford one anytime soon, but if they're still around come tax time, I can tell you now, I'll most certainly be buying one each for the wife and I...

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