Sony plans second-screen app for PlayStation 4

The app from Sony for iOS and Android devices will allow companion downloads, mobile purchases and the ability to watch other players' gaming action.

Sony revealed many details about its upcoming PlayStation 4 game console, except for its actual appearance.
(Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET)

One of the key features of its forthcoming PlayStation 4 (PS4) game console that Sony played up was its ability to stream games across a network of devices. As part of the effort, Sony is readying a companion app called PlayStation App, which will allow iOS and Android devices to become second screens for players.

Sony said that the app could allow players to download companion maps on their mobile device while playing an adventure game on their console. Players could also use the app to remotely watch other players' gameplay and purchase games while on the go, which would be downloaded directly to the console.

During its event in New York today, Sony boasted that the PS4 will feature integration with third-party services, phones and tablets that will allow players on mobile devices to view gameplay videos and challenge friends in head-to-head play.

There's no release date for the app, but it's clear that Sony is moving the PlayStation experience toward a more online and social affair. Last year, Sony bought Gaikai, a cloud-gaming firm, for $380 million for apparently that very goal.

Gaikai CEO Dave Perry said that he wants gamers to play only the games they love, so in the PlayStation store, players can have free exploration of any game instantly. Perry said that the network will actually learn from players' behaviour in order to give them a better experience.

"The PlayStation network will get to know you by understanding your preferences and the preferences of your community," he said.


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