Sony PlayStation 4

The PS4 has beautiful graphics and a near-perfect controller, but it might be wise to wait for more titles and features before you buy.

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  • gregory.opera


    "We originally had one on pre-order for the second batch (before March, but "sometime" after the initial shipment), but had to let it go because it was going to be hard to come up with the money (we..."

  • lalex81


    "Did I miss something?

    Under The Bad you have No DLNA compatibility or media playback support but there's no mention of this in the review.

    Are you telling me that it won't..."

  • TristramW


    "You should qlso.metion that if you are going to get one now they won't be available in stores till maybe march next year, best bet is to buy an Xbox 1 if you are desperate for a next gen experience."

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