Sony prepping mid-range Xperia J for IFA launch?

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Possibly the newest member of the Sony Xperia family has popped up online, showing the same Sony style we're now familiar with and specs that should see the price kept low come launch day.

The front and back of the upcoming Xperia J.
(Credit: Mobile-review)

Russian blog Mobile-review has given the Xperia J some hands-on attention a week before it is expected to be unveiled at the annual IFA expo in Berlin, and is reporting that the J will sport an older 1GHz Qualcomm processor, 512MB of RAM and a 4-inch LCD touchscreen with a WVGA resolution.

This obviously positions the Xperia J in the lower end of the smartphone pricing spectrum. In fact, specs like these might see the Xperia J lining up for a prepaid release, which would be awesome, given the quality of phone that we tend to expect from Sony.

Sony will host a media event in Berlin next Thursday, and will no doubt spend some time speaking about the new Xperia SL, the company's updated top-end model. We also expect the announcement of a new Xperia-branded tablet, which will likely steal the show.

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