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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Sony PSP price drops by AU$90

(Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment)

With Sony's Next Generation Portable (NGP) set for a worldwide launch sometime before the end of this year, the publisher has begun to drop the price of its current generation of portable hardware in preparation.

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia has announced a new price of A$189.95 for the PSP-3000 system, which originally retailed for AU$279.95.

In February 2011, Sony pulled a similar move in the United States, cutting the cost of the PSP by US$40, from US$170 to US$130. Originally, the system was offered for US$250 at its North American launch.

The change follows an October 2010 price drop for the "disk-less" PSP Go which fell by almost half to AU$250.

SCEA also announced that starting April 14, PSP owners will be able to access Music Unlimited, a new, cloud-based digital music subscription service, via their PSN IDs.

The service allows users to listen to music as well as providing access to personalised music channels and synchronisation through the the PlayStation 3, PC and other network-enabled Sony devices.


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