Sony readying super-sized 84-inch 4K TV

Sony plans to introduce a super-sized 84-inch LCD television during IFA 2012, Europe's major consumer electronics show, a source has told CNET. As far we can tell, this would be the largest TV that Sony has ever produced for the mass market.

Sony's juggernaut 65-inch HX920 Bravia television sold in Japan.
(Credit: Sony)

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed to CNET that the upcoming 84-inch TV can display a massive 3840x2160 resolution (four times the number of pixels in a conventional 1080p set), also known in the industry as 4K. We learned that the 84-inch Sony TV features a side-lit LCD panel (think thin) and removable speakers. In terms of design, our source describes the aesthetics as a re-imagined retro-style appearance with a modern twist.

This report comes hard on the heels of another rumour that the PlayStation 4 will support 4K playback — and the launch of the world's first consumer 84-inch 4K TV in Korea from LG.

It also comes several days after a Boy Genius Report blog post describing a similar Sony television, but we could not confirm BGR's rumour of a US$30,000 price tag.

Sony clearly wants to make a larger push toward 4K resolution next year, as it currently offers a 4K-compatible Blu-ray player (BDP-S790), projector and professional cameras. In addition, over the last two years, the Japanese company teased 4K prototype televisions at major consumer electronics trade shows.

CNET contributor (and TV guru) Geoffrey Morrison believes that those who are contemplating a massive TV may want to look toward a projector instead.


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dougaussie posted a comment   

Everybody now has flat screen HD tv's, so the market can't move ahead without innovation. So next year 2013 or 2014 all the makers will have to bring out 4K.
The holy grail of HDTV will be when you can look at your tv and swear you were looking through a window at a real thing, impossible?

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