Sony RX1 leaks: a full-frame compact camera

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In the week before Photokina 2012, a very large leak has sprung from the house of Sony: a full-frame compact camera is on the way.

(Credit: Sony Alpha Rumors)

You read that right: it's not a typo. The RX1, as outed by blog Sony Alpha Rumors, uses a 24-megapixel sensor and can shoot 14-bit RAW files.

What is surprising about the RX1 is that it's a fixed-lens compact, from what we can tell so far; it's not an interchangeable lens camera. The lens has a maximum aperture of f/2.0, and is fixed at 35mm, which well and truly places it in the realm of serious photographers. It will also be able to shoot at 5 frames per second, and has a 3-inch LCD screen.

Sony has already released one successful large sensor compact this year, the RX100 with a 1-inch sensor. The RX1 looks a bit like the RX100, except with a chunkier body, grip and magnesium body. From the leak, it looks like the RX1 won't be cheap at all, at US$2799.

The price and leaked specifications put it in the realm of cameras like the Leica X2, though that only has an APS-C-sized sensor and is a little cheaper.

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corey.wright posted a comment   

Whoa! $2800? Tell 'em they're dreaming!

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