Sony sells waterproof Walkman in a bottle of water

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MP3 players are no longer the hot property they were 10 years ago, but Sony has come up with a novel way to get people buying.

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Sony's waterproof W-series Walkman has been around for a year or so, but, given that it's a product with a very specific niche — people who don't want to damage their phones with jolts of sweat or water while exercising — it probably hasn't sold as well as the company would like.

Cue creative agency Draftfcb. In partnership with Sony, it devised a way to market the Walkman directly to its target demographic: by putting the Walkmans in bottles of water in vending machines. These vending machines were then placed at pools and gyms around New Zealand — right at the feet of its intended buyers.

No price was mentioned, but we're guessing its got an RRP of NZ$99.95 (AU$99).

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