Sony sends out free Blu-ray movie confirmation e-mail

Easter came early for 20,000 PlayStation Network (PSN) subscribers -- who opened their e-mails on Friday and scored a free copy of the latest Bond flick from Sony Computer Entertainment Australia.

"Being one of the first to register [on the Australian PSN], you have qualified for a free Blu-ray Disc of Casino Royale. We will aim to deliver your disc within 45 days," Sony said in an e-mail to the lucky members.

The incentive of offering the movie on Blu-ray is part of the company's strategy to showcase high-definition content to early adopters of PS3 in Australia.

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natedog101 posted a comment   



jodester posted a comment   

newcastle area, mine arrived yesterday. very impressive


Alex Kidman posted a comment   

And (at least in the Sydney area) Casino Royale discs have actually arrived. A bit better than 45 days, then (although I guess they're covering their backsides on that one)

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