Sony shows off its new action camera

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It's about time that a major camera manufacturer dipped its toes into the world of action camcorders. Now, Sony has taken the plunge, showing off some photos of its latest creation.

(Credit: Sony)

The images appeared on the official Sony blog, and, while specs are sparse at the moment, the device looks like it's taken one or two cues from fellow sporty cameras, such as the Contour range. One clear advantage at the moment looks to be image stabilisation, plus a range of rugged cases for protection against the elements.

(Credit: Sony)

Right now, it's known as the POV (point of view) camera, and from the pictures it looks like it can strap onto a helmet or the side of your ski goggles. The model being developed uses an Exmor R CMOS sensor and a Carl Zeiss wide-angle lens, able to shoot HD video. No exact release date has been set, though Sony has cited an early spring debut for the US market.

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