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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Sony tablet coming with PlayStation and Qriocity

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Sony is betting big on Android in its mobile devices this year, and will reportedly use Google's platform in a new tablet computer that will ship with the company's new Qricoity media service.

Sony CEO Howard Stringer has gone on the record with the Nikkei newspaper saying that a Sony tablet running Android Honeycomb will be out in the US by the end of the (northern hemisphere) summer. The tablet, which could sport a 9.4-inch display, will be PlayStation certified, like the Xperia Play, and will come with Sony's new Qriocity music and movie service pre-installed.

Stringer said that the US will be the first country that Sony will aim to release a tablet, though if the company aims to be the world's number two tablet maker by 2012, it will have to ship some our way very soon after.


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gregory.opera posted a comment   

A long-term fan of tablet computers (even since long before the Apple iPad), I have been hanging out for Sony's attempt to enter this market and based on their Xperia smartphone range, it would be reasonable to expect a pretty decent product.

Not too sure how the whole PlayStation thing is going to work out as in my current opinion, a tablet is not really suited to "real" gaming and Android OS does just fine for "casual" gaming, but knowing Sony, it's unlikely they will disappoint.

The integration of Music Unlimited by Qriocity however, is brilliant and almost enough reason to buy a Sony tablet alone - we use Music Unlimited on our PlayStation 3 and the only disadvantage is the inability to listen to music outside of the lounge/family room...


davidrm65 posted a comment   

I'm sitting here typing on a Honeycomb-flavoured, android-powered Galaxy 10.1v tablet and I'm loving it. Admittedly there is still a little roughness around the edges (mainly widgets and a rather annoying inability to tell the stock browser not to grab the mobile version of sites) but Honeycomb to me is an excellent tablet OS, and my Ipad is feeling a tad neglected. Don't forget that Honeycomb is the first, and only, Google OS specifically built for tablets. As for the Sony tablet, after mucking about with the Xperia last week, a gaming-aimed device may do well provided the price is kept down and Sony can get the game developers onboard.


AndrewJ2 posted a comment   

Can't for the life of me understand why somone like Sony would opt for Android.It's not the best O/S for things bigger than smartphones.Has BlackBeRry gone for it on Playbook?

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