Sony teases a PlayStation event for later this month

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Is Sony set to reveal the next PlayStation as early as 20 February?

(Screenshot by CNET Australia)

Sony's official PlayStation Twitter account has invited people to "see the future", directing them to a website that announces a PlayStation event on 20 February 2013.

And that, literally, is about everything we know. The site has a small teaser video (embedded below) and a chance to sign up via email to "be the first to know".

The obvious implication is that Sony wants to get the jump on Microsoft when it comes to the next-generation consoles we're expecting to see this year, but ultimately we'll need to wait 20 days to see.

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MitchellT posted a comment   

how about a new ps3 ui update?


Dunners posted a comment   

Or they could unveil the "super duper slim" 6th gen PS3 :p

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