Sony unveils redesigned PlayStation Store

Later this month, those who access the PlayStation Store on the PS3 may notice a swankier storefront.

The new PlayStation Store landing page looks vastly different.
(Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment )

After more than four years since the last major revision in appearance, Sony has announced an incoming redesign for the PlayStation Store, due in the US on 23 October. The refreshed arrangement of the Store utilises larger graphics to advertise content, streamlined navigation and an improved search system.

A PlayStation blog post notes that the company simplified the search feature to make it easier to find things, while content listings contain more in-depth information and related preview videos than before. We're hoping that every game features a preview video, because it sure gets annoying to manually search a game out on YouTube or Google to learn if it's worth paying for.

The redesign also makes it easier to locate downloadable content (add-ons, themes and so on), which consumers can now access within the game listing itself — instead of the separate category system that's currently in use.

In related news, Sony did not announce plans for a redesign of the PlayStation Store for the Vita gaming device, but Vita/PSP content gets its own section in the PS3 version of the store.


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JasonLee posted a comment   

the redesigned PS Store seems like a waste of time

because i only use it to buy or download free games

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