Sony unveils ultrabook-like T-series Vaios

The Japanese electronics giant is finally jumping on the ultrabook bandwagon. The Sony Vaio T-series, unveiled today at a press event in Singapore, will be available in 11.6- and 13.3-inch screen sizes.

Sony's Vaio T ultrabooks will come in either 11.6- or 13.3-inch screen sizes.(Credit: Sony)

Its specifications are almost identical with the recent HP Envy 4 ultrabook. Both feature a Core i5 dual-core Ivy-Bridge-class processor, 500GB hybrid hard drive and 1,366 x 768-pixel screen, though the T-series is smaller and lighter (323 x 226 x 17.8mm and 1.6kg for the 13.3-inch version). Just to put the dimensions into perspective, the 13.3-inch Vaio T is marginally thinner than the Dell XPS 13 (316 x 205 x 18 mm; 1.36kg), but it is heavier and has a bigger footprint, probably due to the use of the hybrid hard drive.

Sony continues to push its most cutting-edge technology into the Vaio Z laptops, aimed at mobile professionals. Like the current Z-series machines, the 2012 model will sport top-of-the-line hardware, from an Ivy-Bridge quad-core processor, full-HD 13.1-inch screen and dual SSD drives to an external Power Media Dock, with built-in discrete graphics and Blu-ray drive, while maintaining a slim and ultra-light profile.

Also showcased at the event are the mid-range Vaio S-series and entry-level Vaio E-series notebooks, which feature the new Ivy Bridge components as well. Sony has also launched a new version of its 11.6-inch E-series machine with an updated AMD E2-1800 processor.

To differentiate the Vaios from the competition, the company has introduced several interesting and rather handy features in some of its latest machines. Gesture Control, for instance, lets you control certain tasks, such as flicking the Web page by swiping left or right with your hands or adjusting volume with rotating movements. Users can also press the Web button to start surfing the Internet, without having to boot into the operating system. Another nifty touch is the charging of USB devices, even when the laptop is switched off.

Via CNET Asia.

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TamikaB posted a comment   

I have just made a purchase of the t series, so far I am pleased.. My only gripe being the touch pad is a bit painful to use, hoping I will adapt quickly!

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