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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Sony unveils 'universal' PS3 remote

(Credit: Sony)

If you own a full suite of Sony A/V gear, ranging from a Bravia TV to home cinema system and PS3 console, this is definitely a remote worth checking out.

The new CECH-ZRC1 has built-in infrared (IR) and Bluetooth connectivity to operate all these devices and comes loaded with specialised gaming controls.

This clicker also runs on AAA batteries compared with the older PS3-only model using AA cells. The remote is expected to be out by the end of March in Japan for around US$44. Details are scant at the moment, though it seems like there's still no backlight for the buttons.

Mum's the word on the availability outside of Japan and we wonder whether it will even appeal to consumers who are not Sony diehards.

Via Engadget HD


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paulbrown3 posted a comment   

Now available in aus. Picked one up at jb hifi for $24Put a review here control via IR most brands of tv's and certain models of Sony amps


Ross posted a comment   

Too late! already bought a logitech harmony one with the ps3 ir adaptor for 190 on ebay!


josh posted a reply   

me too!!

and an incredibly expensive samsung tv.. kinda wish i had got a sony hahh


archie posted a comment   

could i control my 3D samsung telly with this controller??
I have already sony controlelr and this one looks the same :( shame there is no backlight or some cool gadget features.


Dunners posted a reply   

Do you have a Samsung phone (Galaxy S)?
You might be able to use that as your remote


gregory.opera posted a comment   

This is pretty neat for people like myself that always buy Sony where possible, though the lack of a backlight is a little disappointing...


smartalec posted a comment   

If it had a qwerty keyboard on it i'd buy it in a second, i've already got a normal ps3 remote so no real desire to get this one


Marky Mark posted a comment   

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Sony bring this here! I have all Sony A/V equipment and this would make life so much easier. Especially as those Harmony remotes are anything but 'harmonious'.

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