Sony upgrades Bravia warranty to three years

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Sony is about to announce its latest Christmas promotion with a free full three-year warranty on all of its Bravia LCD televisions, up from a standard 12 months starting 1 October.

Extended warranties on Bravias are available at the point of sale for additional charge, and this is the first time in several years Sony has opted for a non-hardware-based promotion, having offered bonus PlayStation 3 consoles in the past.

"With subscription television just this week announcing 30 new channels, as well as free-to-air TV increasing their content offerings, there are even more compelling reasons to upgrade your television set now," said Toby Barbour, deputy general manager of consumer products, marketing at Sony Australia.

At the moment, the only other manufacturer to offer a three-year warranty on LCD is LG. Panasonic and Samsung offer one year while Toshiba offers two years as standard.

The three-year warranty promotion will run for three months, until 31 December 2009.

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c2 posted a comment   

hi, what file formats can the 52z5500 sony tv take as i put in my usb but my videos dont appear is it coz the file format of the video?


chaz posted a comment   

hey ppl, would 200hz motionflow still leave a little blur when watching football as this seems to be the case on my z series tv. :S


C posted a comment   

what was the problem with ur tv beacuse i think that my motionflow is not working to its full potential with all setting set to high on my sony bravia 52z5500


bittu posted a comment   

sony is a 3rd class company useless totally useless.


yakko posted a comment   

Had a problem with 52Z5500 on display as well, again within around 2-3 weeks. Also had a problem with 46Z5500 on display within 2 weeks.

Sony has really lost focus recently, but this season they've compeltely dropped the ball.


Me posted a comment   

Morgy, what percentage of TV's that you sell are you getting back faulty within 12 months and what brands are the worst?


Morgy posted a comment   

In all honesty I'm a little let down by sony products these days. Unboxed a new 52" Z series and within 3 weeks of being on display the product faulted, if a customer received that unit sony would not have let me RA the unit i would have been quoted return procedures and been told the customer has had it for too long and it is now to be repaired. I must admit Samsung now pulling there warranty back to 12 months makes a little bit of sense with there main competition being sony and there warranty being only 12 months in the first place.

I hate to say it but with such a large volume of products faulting within 12 months, regardless of cost, i can no longer say that i would expect a $5k TV to last as they simply don't.


Heyj posted a comment   

The reason why it is not offered by Samsung anymore is that it costs manufacturers a significant amount of dollars to run warranty promotions. No manufacturer makes things to break down. Funny though how people still think the world is perfect and fault free.


Cadner posted a comment   

My 50" XBR have been 'fixed' twice in 18 months, once under warranty, second time with some fees payable. I find it hard to accept that, in principal, a $5k tv can cark it at 13 months and the customer just has to suck it up or pay up. One for Consumer Affairs surely, under Fitness for Purpose. A $5k anything should have far better mongevity. Anyway, Sony and repair agent did the right thing by me, which is good...


Klink posted a comment   

Article not quite correct.
Sharp also have a 3 year warranty on their LCD's.

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