Sony Vaio E Series

Sony's E series are perfectly good budget laptops, with the only real detractors being the screen quality and battery life. But for the price, what you're getting is a good deal.

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User Reviews / Comments  Sony Vaio E Series

  • JanelleT


    "i dont know how did it gets such high review here but totally not happy with ours. had issues with screen just few months after we bought it. not user friendly. Sony's service is very slow and poor..."

  • MurtazaK


    "I got the e-series which had the 1920x1080 screen and I think it is amazing. It is so bright and clear. I think it costs only a little bit more than the 1366x768 display"

  • Hideous


    "Budget and Sony seem to be going hand in hand over the last few years. Backed up by average service and expensive parts, overpriced repairs.
    Try looking online for bios updates and drivers b..."

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